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Rancho Santa Fe Youth Soccer’s roots go back 35 years to the middle of the 1970’s when a small group of Rancho Santa Fe residents, men filled a with a passion for a game of a rather foreign nature, brought together 27 boys at the Rancho Santa Fe Community Center to teach the game of SOCCER.  These founders understood that, more than any other sport, soccer could at once bring together a small community and immerse that community in the richest spectrum of the world’s cultures.

Back then, teams were loosely formed among those who showed up to play.  Although they were all currently living in Rancho Santa Fe, they originally came from different parts of the country, and in many cases from other countries; they spoke with different accents, had different faiths, and represented different generations.  But, as they gathered each week, they shared one common denominator: soccer. The old and young players would gather to watch the game, talk about the game, and play the game, and with that, the Rancho Santa Fe community was changed forever.

Board of Directors

Soccer... It’s More Than A Game.

Rancho Santa Fe Youth Soccer’s mission is to develop a passion for the game throughout the community and through soccer have fun, build character and develop an appreciation for the rich spectrum of the world’s cultures.

We believe and commit all that we do to understanding soccer as more than a game.

To accomplish our mission, we pledge to provide all of the Rancho Santa Fe community with the resources and support needed to learn about the game, and for all youth who want to play, we pledge to provide the highest level of coaching, the finest fields and equipment, and to organize quality competitions for all levels of play.

As word spread of these gatherings and the passion for the game spread, the ever-increasing numbers required more fields on which to play.  The community came together and with their bare hands and the ingenuity peaked by necessity, the members developed an overgrown, water soaked thicket into what is still one of Rancho’s finest pitches. More could now come to watch, talk, play and learn about the game known to most of the world as football.

And come they did!  From the mid-1970’s to the mid-1990’s, Rancho Santa Fe Youth Soccer grew ten-fold. There were over 300 players of all different ages and athletic abilities turning up at the pitch each week to learn about the game.  It seemed the time had come to bring in professional training and to organize the teams into levels of play that would allow all players to learn and play the game to the best of their abilities, and develop the passion for the game throughout the community.

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Malcolm Tovey  

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Marilee Pacelli  

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