We're more than just a club, we're a family of dedicated fans, talented players, with a rich history of success. Delve into our history and relive the moments that shaped us into the club we are today.

Soccer is more Than A Game

Rancho Santa Fe Youth Soccer’s mission is to develop a passion for the game throughout the community and through soccer have fun, build character and develop an appreciation for the rich spectrum of the world’s cultures.

To accomplish our mission, we pledge to provide all of the Rancho Santa Fe community with the resources and support needed to learn about the game, and for all youth who want to play, we pledge to provide the highest level of coaching, the finest fields and equipment, and to organize quality competitions for all levels of play.

Our history

Our Founders

Rancho Santa Fe Youth Soccer has a rich history dating back 45 years to the early 70’s when a dedicated group of Rancho Santa Fe residents, men driven by a profound passion for the somewhat foreign game of soccer, brought together 27 boys at the Rancho Santa Fe Community Center to introduce them to the sport.  These founders recognized that, more than any other sport, soccer could at once bring together a small community and immerse that community in the richest spectrum of the world’s cultures.

Rancho Santa Fe Attack Soccer Team
Rancho Santa Fe Attack Soccer Team

More of Our Story

In those days, teams were informally organized from those who simply showed up to participate. Most resided in Rancho Santa Fe at the time, but the players hailed from various regions of the United States, and in some instances, other countries. They brought with them diverse accents, different faiths, and represented various generations. However, as they convened each week, they found a unifying factor in soccer. Both seasoned and youthful players would come together to observe, discuss, and engage in the game, marking this a transformative moment for the Rancho Santa Fe community.

As news of these gatherings and the growing enthusiasm for the game circulated, the escalating numbers demanded additional playing fields. The community united, utilizing their bare hands and necessity-fueled ingenuity to transform an overgrown, water-soaked thicket into what remains one of Rancho's premier pitches. This expanded space allowed more individuals to join in, fostering opportunities for watching, discussing, playing, and learning about the game recognized globally as football.